Zone II

Grades 6 to 9

If you think your students don't like to read, these fast-paced, high-adventure books will make you think again!

Zone II books are unlike anything they've ever read before. Fast-paced and edgy, these high-interest books appeal to even your most reluctant readers. Each paired set includes a novel with compelling characters and a nonfiction title that connects back to the story to build content knowledge. Short, manageable chapter books motivate students to keep reading—if only to find out what happens next!

Zone II features 8 pairs of fiction and nonfiction books that can be read separately or together.

Nonfiction books:

  • Support comprehension with a preface, a fictional explanation of the content, and a helpful glossary.
  • Help students successfully navigate informational text with a table of contents, clear subheadings, and an index.
  • Encourage reluctant readers with short, manageable chapters.
Fiction books:
  • Build background with an author note and a factual tie-in at the beginning of each chapter.
  • Carry the reader through the story with a table of contents, helpful chapter headings, and a glossary.
  • Build confidence with supportive sentence structures and short chapters.

Titles in this Series Grade/Interest Level Guided Rdg Level
Against All Odds 6 - 9 S - T
Facing the Challenge 6 - 9 S - T
Knights in Action 6 - 9 S - T
Lost Creatures 6 - 9 S - T
Animal Realm 6 - 9 S - T
Bracing for Impact 6 - 9 S - T
Uncharted Territory 6 - 9 S - T
The Universe at Hand 6 - 9 S - T


Zone II
Quantity Order Code ConfigurationPrice
WA-31086 Single Copy Set: 16 Books (1 each of 16 titles) $129.00
WA-31087 Classroom Collection: 96 Books (6 each of 16 titles) $722.00

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