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Read to Learn: Social Studies

Grades 3 to 5

Meets State and Local Standards! An in-depth treatment of core social studies concepts that integrates strategies for reading and writing informational text.

3 Additional Curriculum Titles Also Available

Now teachers can make important social studies concepts accessible to all students: history, geography, government, civics, economics, and culture. The program includes 48 Student Books divided into 3 exciting series. Each of the series includes 16 Student Books and one Theme Big Book that supports and reinforces the learning of key theme concepts. Plus … Resource Big Books can be used across the grades to teach and extend the concepts and skills that are critical to helping students build literacy in social studies.

Proven Effective! View the Read to Learn: Social Studies Efficacy Report.

Program components: 3 Theme Big Books, 48 Student Books, 48 Teacher Guides, and 3 Resource Big Books.

3 Theme Big Books
Introduce, review, reinforce, and extend the text
  • Jumbo 16" x 20" size, 16 pages
  • Comprehensive overview of the core concept
  • Use all year long with Student Books
  • Include full-color graphic features
  • One series for each grade level
    • What Is a Community? (Grade 3) provides an introduction and review of urban, suburban, and rural communities in the United States and around the world.
    • America's Regions (Grade 4) introduces the five geographic areas of our country and reinforces the economic features that distinguish each region.
    • Time Line USA (Grade 5) reviews and summarizes, chronologically, the major eras in America's history from the Age of Exploration to the Growth of Cities.
48 Student Books Now Available in Print & E-Book Formats!
Provide in-depth treatment of a single social studies topic and relate back to the big ideas in the series
  • 16 books per series, 24 pages (8 1/4" x 11")
  • Integrate Social Studies benchmarks
  • Graphic features for supporting and extending the text
  • Description, cause and effect, sequence, problem/solution, and compare/contrast text structures for building fluency with informational text

Read to Learn: Social Studies E-Books
Read to Learn: Social Studies Student Books are now available in E-Book format!
E-Books Available

  • Purchase one-time-only, with 6-Packs
  • Unlimited circulation throughout a building
  • Device neutral: web-based, mobile-friendly, and iPad-compatible; perfect for interactive whiteboards
  • Access at school or home, anywhere, anytime

48 Teacher Guides
Build content comprehension around research-based practices in reading and writing
  • 48 individual Teacher Guides—one per student book, 16 pages each, 8 1/2" x 11"
  • Provide support to help students access, process, and communicate informational text
  • Explicit instruction in reading informational text
  • Questioning strategies for differentiating instruction, from literal recall to synthesis and evaluation
  • Informal and formal assessment with rubrics help students monitor their learning and prepare for state tests
  • Writing Workshop provides step-by-step instruction for guiding students through the writing process, using paragraphs in the text as models for writing paragraphs of their own
  • Take a look inside! Download a FREE Teacher Guide sampler.
3 Resource Big Books
For use over and over again across the grades to teach, reinforce, and extend the skills that are critical to helping students build literacy in social studies
  • Jumbo 16" x 20" size, 16 pages
  • Full-color graphic features
  • Charts, Graphs, and Diagrams teaches students how to read two- and three-column charts, cutaways, flow charts, pictographs, time lines, and more.
  • Getting Information from Maps teaches students how to read different maps—political, physical, historical, and product maps.
  • America's Landforms provides an explanation of the distinctive geological features of our country, along with dramatic photos and illustrations.
Learn more about the 3 series available in the Read to Learn: Social Studies program:

Titles in this Series Grade/Interest Level Guided Rdg Level Lexile®
Read to Learn: Social Studies—Communities 3 M - P 590L - 830L
Read to Learn: Social Studies—Regions and Resources 4 O - R 770L - 940L
Read to Learn: Social Studies—Our Land and Its People 5 Q - S 710L - 990L


Read to Learn: Social Studies
Quantity Order Code ConfigurationPriceStandards Correlations
WA-820930 Complete Single Copy Set: 48 Student Books; 3 Theme Big Books; 3 Resource Big Books $679.00  
WA-828860 Student Book Classroom Library: 288 Student Books (6 each of 48 titles); 48 E-Book (PDFs); 48 Smart Word Vocabulary Cards; 48 Teacher Guides $2,936.00  
WA-821643 Set of 3 Resource Big Books $130.00  
WA-821623 Charts, Graphs, and Diagrams Resource Big Book $43.50 Correlate
WA-821622 Getting Information from Maps Resource Big Book $43.50 Correlate
WA-821621 America's Landforms Resource Big Book $43.50 Correlate

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