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Grades K to 8

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Boost vocabulary skills with a powerful word study card for every leveled book.

Smart Word gives students the rich, robust vocabulary instruction needed for success. Engaging and effective, these four-sided cards translate best vocabulary practices into routines and activities for every leveled book. Plus, each card gives your Spanish-speaking ELLs a powerful linguistic support system.

Each Sundance Leveled Book 6-Pack includes one FREE Smart Word vocabulary card. See a complete list of titles.

  • Build vocabulary power with robust instruction of high-impact "Tier 2" words.
  • Teach students strategies for unlocking unknown words all by themselves.
  • Boost "word consciousness" so students can apply their knowledge across all learning experiences.
  • Prepare students for high-stakes tests with systematic word instruction and exploration.
A Critical Finding: Untended, the Gap Only Widens
(At 2.4 Root Words Per Day)
(At 1.6 Root Words Per Day)
End of Pre-K3,4002,400
End of K4,3003,016
End of Grade 15,1603,592
End of Grade 26,0204,168
The bottom 25 percent of students begin Kindergarten with 1,000 fewer root-word meanings than average students.
Diamond and Gutlohn, Vocabulary Handbook, CORE: 2006, p. 9

"One reason teachers are concerned about teaching vocabulary is to facilitate the comprehension of a text that students will be assigned to read. If students do not know the meaning of many of the words that they will encounter in a text, their comprehension of that selection is likely to be compromised."
John J. Pikulski and Shane Templeton, 2004

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