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Weird, Wild, and Wonderful: Set 1 (GRL KM)

Grades 2 to 3

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6 New Titles!

Struggling readers get up close and personal with untamed creatures that range from ordinary to odd.
Weird, Wild, and Wonderful helps below-level readers build the nonfiction literacy skills they need to succeed while also delivering high-interest, standards-based Life Science content.

Weird, Wild, and Wonderful: Set 1 (GRL KM) features:

  • E-Book version included with every 6-Pack purchase!
  • 18 attention-grabbing titles about peculiar, fascinating animals
  • Guided Reading Levels KM
  • Lexile Levels: 530L730L
  • An individual teacher guide for each title that allows you to cover essential Reading and Science objectives in the same lesson.
  • Engaging photos and fact bites that grab students interest and keep them focused on reading and learning.
  • A FREE Smart Word vocabulary card with every 6-Pack and book label on every title.
  • Take a Closer Look! Download the Weird, Wild, and Wonderful Skills Matrix to learn more. (1 MB)

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Titles in this Series Grade/Interest Level Guided Rdg Level Lexile®
Animal Builders 2 - 3 L 720L
Animal Dads 2 - 3 K 640L
Animal Heroes 2 - 3 M 530L
Animal Pollinators 2 - 3 M 730L
Animal Senses 2 - 3 K 620L
Arachnids 2 - 3 L 600L
Birds 2 - 3 L 620L
Crabs 2 - 3 K 590L
Frogs 2 - 3 L 590L
Insects 2 - 3 K 620L
Invertebrates 2 - 3 K 680L
Mammals 2 - 3 M 660L
Marine Creatures 2 - 3 M 560L
Marine Invertebrates 2 - 3 K 600L
Reptiles 2 - 3 L 660L
Seabirds 2 - 3 L 680L
Talk to Me! 2 - 3 K 570L
Worms 2 - 3 M 620L


Weird, Wild, and Wonderful: Set 1 (GRL KM)
Quantity Order Code ConfigurationPrice
WA-828722 Single Copy Set: 18 Student Books (1 each of 18 titles) $149.00
WA-828721 Classroom Set: 108 Student Books (6 each of 18 titles); 18 E-Books (PDFs); 18 Smart Word Vocabulary Cards; 18 Teacher Guides $1,010.00

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