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Heroes of the American Revolution

Grades 4 to 5

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The American Revolution was an exciting time when many people living in America took action. They all felt it was time to break away from England to help establish a new country. Read about the thrilling lives of some of the best known—and some of the least known—early patriots and find out about the deeds that made all these people heroes.


Heroes of the American Revolution
Quantity Order Code ConfigurationGRL LevelLexile®PriceStandards Correlations
WA-821937 Classroom Set: 36 Books (6 each of 6 titles)     $307.00  
WA-821938 Single Copy Set: 6 Books (1 each of 6 titles)     $54.00  
WA-821923 Crispus Attucks: Student Book R 900L $9.00  
WA-821923-06 Crispus Attucks: Student Book 6-Pack R 900L $54.00 Correlate
WA-821924 Benjamin Franklin: Student Book Q 930L $9.00  
WA-821924-06 Benjamin Franklin: Student Book 6-Pack Q 930L $54.00 Correlate
WA-821925 Alexander Hamilton: Student Book S 920L $9.00  
WA-821925-06 Alexander Hamilton: Student Book 6-Pack S 920L $54.00 Correlate
WA-821926 Thomas Jefferson: Student Book R 900L $9.00  
WA-821926-06 Thomas Jefferson: Student Book 6-Pack R 900L $54.00 Correlate
WA-821927 Thomas Paine: Student Book S 860L $9.00  
WA-821927-06 Thomas Paine: Student Book 6-Pack S 860L $54.00 Correlate
WA-821928 Phillis Wheatley: Student Book Q 880L $9.00  
WA-821928-06 Phillis Wheatley: Student Book 6-Pack Q 880L $54.00 Correlate

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