Grade 1 Big Book of Themes and Theme Sets

Grade 1

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Grade 1 Big Book of Themes and Theme Sets introduce seven key themes, making them perfect for whole class and small group instruction in the early grades.

Grade 1 Set A Themes
AnimalsFCatís New bookF
AnimalsHAnimals BuildNF
AnimalsIAnimal MessengersNF
AnimalsJAnimal InvadersNF
CommunityFGreat DayF
CommunityGMy SchoolNF
CommunityHThe HospitalNF
CommunityIJoining the TeamF
FamiliesEMomís First DayF
FamiliesFFamily PicnicF
FamiliesGTaking Care of BabyNF
FamiliesHGreat Uncle FelixF
FamiliesIMaking Pots with DadNF
FamiliesJNo More WorriesF
FoodEHow to Make a TurkeyNF
FoodFMaking SpaghettiNF
FoodGFruit FeastNF
FoodHHungry BabyF
FoodIMole Bakes BreadF
FoodJCarlís CafeF
PlantsEThe Biggest PumpkinF
PlantsFRain Forest PlantsNF
PlantsGThe Bamboo FamilyF
PlantsHLooking at SoilNF
PlantsIThe Eco ParkF
PlantsJBig PumpkinF
Time and ChangeELong AgoNF
Time and ChangeFGreat Grandma and INF
Time and ChangeGAnimals From Long AgoNF
Time and ChangeHRuby: Ace InventorF
Time and ChangeIOld and New TrainsNF
Time and ChangeJFor Your InformationNF
TransportationEA New BikeF
TransportationFThe Plane RideNF
TransportationGFlying MachinesNF
TransportationHTrail RidingNF
TransportationIGasoline for the CarNF
TransportationJHot-Air BalloonsNF

Grade 1 Set B Themes
   AnimalsEThe Rabbit and the TurtleF
AnimalsFFly, ButterflyNF
AnimalsGStop That Dog!F
AnimalsHThe Big DogF
AnimalsIMice in SpaceF
AnimalsJBird WatchingF
CommunityEGetting to SchoolNF
CommunityFWho Helps?NF
CommunityGPlaying by the RulesF
CommunityHLetís Go ShoppingNF
CommunityIMy StreetF
CommunityJWhy Cities GrowNF
FamiliesEWorking with DadNF
FamiliesFThe Monkeys Go Bananas!F
FamiliesGWhat Families DoNF
FamiliesHMy Dadís JobF
FamiliesIWhere Is My Family?F
FamiliesJSebastian Tidies UpF
FoodEThe Shopping ListF
FoodFPasta, Please!NF
FoodGYou Are What You EatNF
FoodHA World of FoodNF
FoodIYou Are What You EatNF
FoodJFruits and VeggiesNF
PlantsEGrow, Seed, GrowNF
PlantsFSeeds Get AroundNF
PlantsGWhat Does a Garden Need?NF
PlantsHUndersea RescueF
PlantsIWhat Comes from PlantsNF
PlantsJWhere Plants LiveNF
Time and ChangeESchool Then and NowNF
Time and ChangeFThen and NowF
Time and ChangeGWacky InventionsNF
Time and ChangeHWhat Do Historians Do?NF
Time and ChangeIPassing It OnNF
Time and ChangeJHow Life ChangedNF
TransportationEThe Train RaceNF
TransportationFWay to Go!NF
TransportationGThe School Bus RideF
TransportationHWheels at RokNF
TransportationIRace to Nome!NF
TransportationJLook Out! Look Out! Tractor About!F

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Grade 1 Big Book of Themes and Theme Sets
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WA-36423 Big Book of Themes $32.50
WA-36450 Complete Grade 1 Theme Set: 168 Student Books (4 each of 42 titles); Grade 1 Big Book of Themes $929.00
WA-36451 Expanded Grade 1 Theme Set: 168 Student Books (4 each of 42 titles) $899.00

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