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Grades K to 2

Now Also Available in Spanish—Print and E-Books Formats!

Enhance Your Literacy Instruction with AlphaKids: Classroom-Tested, Research-Based, Loved-by-Kids!

  • DEVELOP reading skills and strategies systematically through scaffolded, explicit instruction, and Student Books that gradually increase in length and difficulty.
  • CAPTURE students' attention with 288 leveled readers available in Print and E-Book formats, available in English and Spanish for whole-class and small-group use.
  • TRACK progress and ensure application of key skills using Blackline Masters and quick observational checks.

AlphaKids Student Books
Empower your students to become strategic, successful readers with 288 updated titles in a wide range of topics and genres to match any curriculum.

  • Choose from realistic fiction, adventures, how-to books, photo-essays, fairy tales, and more!
  • High-interest titles offer gradually increasing challenges in length, language, text format, and story structure.
  • Child-centered books feature multicultural characters and engaging topics to keep kids turning pages.
  • Comprehension questions in the back of each book prompt students to check understanding and make connections.
  • Take a look inside! See samples of the new Student Book features.

AlphaKids E-Books
AlphaKids Student Books are now available in E-Book format!
E-Books Available

  • Look Inside! Download an E-Book Sample. (1.3 MB)
  • Purchase one-time-only, with 6-Packs
  • Unlimited circulation throughout a building
  • Device neutral: web-based, mobile-friendly, and iPad-compatible; perfect for interactive whiteboards
  • Access at school or home, anywhere, anytime

AlphaKids Teacher Guides
Individual Lesson Plans accompany each Student Book.

AlphaKids Teacher Guides

  • Explicit support for building reading strategies and introducing important elements of phonics, punctuation, and grammar.
  • Suggestions for promoting comprehension through activating prior knowledge,previewing the text, and thinking about the text while reading.
  • Blackline Master to assess comprehension.
  • ELL strategies.
  • Extension activities to encourage fluency practice and develop writing skills.
  • Take a look inside! Download a FREE Teacher Guide sampler.

AlphaKids Program Organization
Designed for guiding young readers through a supported and scaffolded program of literacy development, AlphaKids features a variety of levels and genres to match your students’ skills, interests, and instructional needs.

• Guided Reading LevelsA–D; 8–16 pages each; with 1–9 lines of text per page.
• Gradual progression of high-frequencywords.
• Consistent layout featuring ample word spacing.
• Guided Reading LevelsD–G; 16 pages each; with 1–12 lines of text per page.
• Develop new vocabulary by teaching students to process words in context.
• Variety of syntax, line lengths, voices, and sentence structures.
• Guided Reading LevelsG–I; 16 pages each; with 1–14 lines of text per page.
• Increased exposure to complex and compound sentence structure, and direct speech.
• Introduction to a variety of voices and points of view.
• Guided Reading Levels J–K; 16–24 pages each; with 1–17 lines of text perpage.
• Nonfiction text features, including captions, diagrams, headings, bulleted lists, and labels.
• Range of informational texts and longer, more complex narratives.

Accelerated Reader® quizzes are available for selected titles in AlphaKids, Levels 4–24.

FREE Smart Word vocabulary card included with every 6-Pack and book label for every title.

Take a Closer Look!
Take a tour of AlphaKids
Take a brief tour of AlphaKids.

E-Books Available!
Perfect for whole class and small group settings.
Download an E-Book Sample.
Download an E-Book Sample.
(1.3 MB)

Look inside a complimentary Teacher Guide sampler.

See Student Book Pages!
Click through AlphaKids Levels 1–24 below to view samples from each set.

See samples of the new Student Book features.

Researched & Approved:
View the AlphaKids Research Report.

Titles in this Series Guided Rdg Level
AlphaKids Level 1 A
AlphaKids Level 2 B
AlphaKids Level 3 C
AlphaKids Level 4 C
AlphaKids Level 5 D
AlphaKids Level 6 D
AlphaKids Level 7 E
AlphaKids Level 8 E
AlphaKids Level 9 F
AlphaKids Level 10 F
AlphaKids Level 11 G
AlphaKids Level 12 G
AlphaKids Level 13 H
AlphaKids Level 14 H
AlphaKids Level 15 I
AlphaKids Level 16 I
AlphaKids Level 17 I
AlphaKids Level 18 J
AlphaKids Level 19 J
AlphaKids Level 20 J
AlphaKids Level 21 K
AlphaKids Level 22 K
AlphaKids Level 23 K
AlphaKids Level 24 K


Quantity Order Code ConfigurationPrice
WA-24212 Levels 1–5: Single Copy Set: 60 Books (1 each of 60 titles) $349.00
WA-34687 Levels 1–5: Classroom Set: 360 Print Books (6 each of 60 titles); 60 E-Books (PDFs); 60 Smart Word Vocabulary Cards; 60 Teacher Guides $2,310.00
WA-24215 Levels 6–11: Single Copy Set: 72 Books (1 each of 72 titles) $442.00
WA-34688 Levels 6–11: Classroom Set: 432 Print Books (6 each of 72 titles); 72 E-Books (PDFs); 72 Smart Word Vocabulary Cards; 72 Teacher Guides $2,899.00
WA-24218 Levels 12–17: Single Copy Set: 72 Books (1 each of 72 titles) $442.00
WA-34689 Levels 12–17: Classroom Set: 432 Print Books (6 each of 72 titles); 72 E-Books (PDFs); 72 Smart Word Vocabulary Cards; 72 Teacher Guides $2,899.00
WA-24372 Levels 18–24: Single Copy Set: 84 Books (1 each of 84 titles) $516.00
WA-34690 Levels 18–24: Classroom Set: 504 Print Books (6 each of 84 titles); 84 E-Books (PDFs); 84 Smart Word Vocabulary Cards; 84 Teacher Guides $3,299.00
WA-24367 Levels 1–24: Single Copy Set: 288 Books (1 each of 288 titles) $1,629.00
WA-34691 Levels 1–24: Classroom Set: 1,728 Print Books (6 each of 288 titles); 288 E-Books (PDFs); 288 Smart Word Vocabulary Cards; 288 Teacher Guides $11,099.00

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