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Treasure Trackers - On Sale Now!
Grades 5 to 9

Click picture for sample pages.

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Readers track down the answers to some of history's most intriguing questions.

Myths, legends, and buried treasure! Tag along as two friends travel the world—and through time—in search of answers to some of history's most intriguing questions: Does the underwater city of Atlantis exist? Is there actually treasure at the bottom of the Oak Island Money Pit? Books provide plenty of historical background so kids can really dig into each adventure as they help solve mysteries from the past. Ideal for middle school students.

Treasure Trackers feature:

  • Reading Level 4–6; Interest Level 5–9
  • Guided Reading Level R–S
  • 4800–5900 words, 80 pages, 7–9 chapters each
  • Word-for-word Audio CDs for each book
  • 92-page Teacher Guide with strong support
The Treasure Trackers series:
  • Supports reading with nonfiction text elements—maps, charts, and kid-friendly factual explanations.
  • Engages students and builds comprehension with fun, cartoon-like, black-and-white illustrations.
  • Facilitates text navigation with motivational introductions, table of contents, and clear chapter headings.
  • Helps struggling readers succeed with considerate sentence structure.
Teacher Guide:
The Treasure Trackers Teacher Guide provides an 8-page lesson plan—that includes 6 reproducible skill sheets—for every book!. See a sample activity from the Teacher Guide.

Digging for Buried Treasure
Can Ricky and Mia find the Oak Island Money Pit treasure? Or will they become the next victims of its curse?

On the Trail of the Golden Man
When Ricky and Mia venture deep into the Amazon jungle, will they find the legendary Golden Man of El Dorado?

Quest for the Cup
The Holy Grail is just a legend. Or is it? Join Ricky and Mia on a quest for the truth.

Racing for the Birdman
On Easter Island, the god Makemake is angry, so he sends red rain. Can Ricky and Mia solve the problem and stop the red rain?

Saving Atlantis
Is there any truth behind the legend of Atlantis—a city beneath the waves? Ricky and Mia are about to find out.

Accelerated Reader® quizzes are available for these titles.

Treasure Trackers - On Sale Now!
Quantity Order Code Configuration GRL Level Price
WA-25798 Digging for Buried Treasure: Single Copy (Regular Price $6.10) SALE R $4.27
WA-25798-06 Digging for Buried Treasure: 6-Pack (Regular Price $36.60) SALE R $25.62
WA-31442 Digging for Buried Treasure: Audio CD (Regular Price $10.00) SALE   $7.00
WA-25801 On the Trail of the Golden Man: Single Copy (Regular Price $6.10) SALE R $4.27
WA-25801-06 On the Trail of the Golden Man: 6-Pack (Regular Price $36.60) SALE R $25.62
WA-31445 On the Trail of the Golden Man: Audio CD (Regular Price $10.00) SALE   $7.00
WA-25800 Quest for the Cup: Single Copy (Regular Price $6.10) SALE R $4.27
WA-25800-06 Quest for the Cup: 6-Pack (Regular Price $36.60) SALE R $25.62
WA-31444 Quest for the Cup: Audio CD (Regular Price $10.00) SALE   $7.00
WA-25803 Racing for the Birdman: Single Copy (Regular Price $6.10) SALE S $4.27
WA-25803-06 Racing for the Birdman: 6-Pack (Regular Price $36.60) SALE S $25.62
WA-31447 Racing for the Birdman: Audio CD (Regular Price $10.00) SALE   $7.00
WA-25804 Saving Atlantis: Single Copy (Regular Price $6.10) SALE S $4.27
WA-25804-06 Saving Atlantis: 6-Pack (Regular Price $36.60) SALE S $25.62
WA-31448 Saving Atlantis: Audio CD (Regular Price $10.00) SALE   $7.00
WA-25806 Teacher Guide (Regular Price $26.00) SALE   $18.20

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