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AlphaKids Alphabet Books - On Sale Now!
Grades PreK to 1

Click picture for sample pages.

On Sale: Save 30% Now - While Supplies Last!
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Join the AlphaKids on an ABC adventure!

Each 12-page book introduces an AlphaKid and the first letter of their name. The AlphaKid tells a story using words that start with that letter. Students will master new words, new phonics, and new concepts!

AlphaKids Alphabet Books:

  • Start with real kids' names—the most important words kids know
  • Provide opportunities to see the letter and link it to words and pictures
  • Explore and develop concepts of print—reading front to back, left to right, and more
  • Extend letter identification with uppercase letters to begin names and sentences
  • Create a story context students identify with
  • Reinforce sound-letter relationships with Alpha Jingle

Teacher Guide
Teach students how to hear and identify sounds in spoken words. The 48-page AlphaKids Teacher Guide includes phonemic awareness activities for each book. A step-by-step plan explains what to do before reading the book and how to most effectively use the book with the class.

Awards: Curriculum Administrator Top 100 Districts' Choice Award; Parents' Choice Award

AlphaKids Alphabet Books - On Sale Now!
Quantity Order Code Configuration Price
WA-15011 Teacher Guide (Regular Price $21.00) SALE $14.70
WA-12528 A: Single Copy (Regular Price $4.40) SALE $3.08
WA-12529 B: Single Copy (Regular Price $4.40) SALE $3.08
WA-12530 C: Single Copy (Regular Price $4.40) SALE $3.08
WA-12531 D: Single Copy (Regular Price $4.40) SALE $3.08
WA-12532 E: Single Copy (Regular Price $4.40) SALE $3.08
WA-12533 F: Single Copy (Regular Price $4.40) SALE $3.08
WA-12534 G: Single Copy (Regular Price $4.40) SALE $3.08
WA-12535 H: Single Copy (Regular Price $4.40) SALE $3.08
WA-12536 I: Single Copy (Regular Price $4.40) SALE $3.08
WA-12537 J: Single Copy (Regular Price $4.40) SALE $3.08
WA-12538 K: Single Copy (Regular Price $4.40) SALE $3.08
WA-12539 L: Single Copy (Regular Price $4.40) SALE $3.08
WA-12540 M: Single Copy (Regular Price $4.40) SALE $3.08
WA-12541 N: Single Copy (Regular Price $4.40) SALE $3.08
WA-12542 O: Single Copy (Regular Price $4.40) SALE $3.08
WA-12543 P: Single Copy (Regular Price $4.40) SALE $3.08
WA-12544 Q: Single Copy (Regular Price $4.40) SALE $3.08
WA-12545 R: Single Copy (Regular Price $4.40) SALE $3.08
WA-12546 S: Single Copy (Regular Price $4.40) SALE $3.08
WA-12547 T: Single Copy (Regular Price $4.40) SALE $3.08
WA-12549 V: Single Copy (Regular Price $4.40) SALE $3.08
WA-12550 W: Single Copy (Regular Price $4.40) SALE $3.08
WA-12551 X: Single Copy (Regular Price $4.40) SALE $3.08
WA-12553 Z: Single Copy (Regular Price $4.40) SALE $3.08

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