Power Pairs Science Theme Sets

Grades 1 to 4

Choose from 13 Science Power Pairs Theme Sets that Cover Grades 1–4 Standards-Aligned Topics.

Power Pairs Theme Sets include:

  • 3 sets of paired Fiction/Nonfiction Leveled Readers (1 set each of Below-, On-, and Above-Level titles) on the same topic
    • 36 Student Books (6 copies each of 6 titles)
    • E-Book and Audio Book versions of each title
  • A Lesson Plan for each paired set
  • A Teaching Strategies guide to teaching with Fiction and Nonfiction together

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Titles in this Series Guided Rdg Level Lexile®
Power Pairs: Animal Life Cycles Theme Set   E - M 240L - 600L
Power Pairs: Birds, Birds, Birds Theme Set   M - P 480L - 600L
Power Pairs: Circling the Sun Theme Set   E - M 390L - 530L
Power Pairs: Earth's Changing Surface Theme Set   D - M 240L - 630L
Power Pairs: Energy from the Sun Theme Set   L - P 500L - 810L
Power Pairs: Exploring Our Oceans Theme Set   L - Q 510L - 840L
Power Pairs: How Animals Survive Theme Set   E - K 320L - 580L
Power Pairs: Matter is Everything Theme Set   E - L 370L - 610L
Power Pairs: Our Natural Resources Theme Set   E - L 360L - 640L
Power Pairs: Predicting the Weather Theme Set   E - M 280L - 760L
Power Pairs: Six Simple Machines Theme Set   M - R 590L - 870L
Power Pairs: What's That Sound? Theme Set   L - P 500L - 780L
Power Pairs: Where Plants Live Theme Set   E - M 220L - 570L

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