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View the Sundance/Newbridge Catalog Online


Reading PowerWorks® Science Theme Sets
Grades 1 to 3

Content-area theme sets organized for the way you teach!
Choose from 13 standards-based Theme Sets to tie to your curriculum.

Scroll below for ordering information and a special offer.

Each Science Theme Set Includes:

Engage your students in the science theme with a Read-Aloud fiction trade book.
  • 1 Read-Aloud fiction trade book to introduce the standards-based theme concept, build background, and activate prior knowledge.
Lead your students in their first explorations of the theme with the Nonfiction Big Book.
  • 1 Shared Reading Nonfiction Big Book to explore the concept in-depth and introduce basic nonfiction text features.
  • 6 Little Book versions of the Big Book for read-alongs and re-reading.
Guide your students as they read about the theme at their own pace and reading stage with the Nonfiction/Fiction Leveled Pairs.
  • 3 sets of paired fiction and nonfiction leveled texts to expand all students' understanding of the theme (6 copies of each book, 36 total).
  • 6 matching Audio Books to help struggling readers and English Language Learning (ELL) students access information (2 for each pair of leveled texts).
Provide your students with opportunities to expand their learning with the nonfiction and fiction trade books in the Independent Reading Library.
  • Trade Book Library with carefully selected fiction and nonfiction to further students' understanding of the theme (6 books).
Energize your lesson plan with invaluable Teacher Resources.
  • 1 Teacher Resource Book with lesson plans, phonics activities, assessment, home connections, PowerSkills component, and Writing Activities CD-ROM

Learn more about each of these components and look inside the books:

Special Offer Savings: Buy all 13 Science Theme Sets and save $827! (off the regular price of $6,226)

Learn more about:  Reading PowerWorks®

Titles in this Series Guided Reading Level Interest Level
Reading PowerWorks®: Animal Life Cycles Theme Set E - M 1 - 3
Reading PowerWorks®: Birds, Birds, Birds Theme Set M - P 1 - 3
Reading PowerWorks®: Circling the Sun Theme Set E - M 1 - 3
Reading PowerWorks®: Earth's Changing Surface Theme Set D - M 1 - 3
Reading PowerWorks®: Energy from the Sun Theme Set K - P 1 - 3
Reading PowerWorks®: Exploring Our Oceans Theme Set L - Q 1 - 3
Reading PowerWorks®: How Animals Survive Theme Set E - K 1 - 3
Reading PowerWorks®: Matter is Everything Theme Set E - M 1 - 3
Reading PowerWorks®: Our Natural Resources Theme Set E - L 1 - 3
Reading PowerWorks®: Predicting the Weather Theme Set E - M 1 - 3
Reading PowerWorks®: Six Simple Machines Theme Set M - R 1 - 3
Reading PowerWorks®: What's That Sound? Theme Set K - P 1 - 3
Reading PowerWorks®: Where Plants Live Theme Set E - M 1 - 3

Reading PowerWorks® Science Theme Sets
Quantity Order Code Configuration Price
WA-36122 Science Complete Theme Set Collection: One each of all 13 Science Theme Sets $5,399.00

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