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View the Sundance/Newbridge Catalog Online
View the Sundance/Newbridge Catalog Online


Sundance/Newbridge Grade 1 Collections
Grade 1
New Set C Now Available! Download the complete list of titles in Set C.
Sundance/Newbridge Grade 1 Collections help you expose students to lots of books, an experience that is necessary for them to become good readers. We have organized bestselling nonfiction and fiction titles into specially priced collections to meet your curriculum needs—saving you valuable time and money!

Each 50-Book Collection Includes a FREE Storage/Display Box

Set A Collection Set B Collection
Title GRL Title GRL
Science All Kinds of Energy C Measure It C
Patterns C Who Lives in a Tree? C
Dogs D From Peanuts to Peanut Butter D
Making a Car D Our Earth D
Grow, Seed, Grow E Fast or Slow E
Pumpkins E Where Is Water? E
My Boat F The Force of Magnets F
Reptiles F Light F
Sun and Earth F Seasons F
Fall G Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere G
Your Amazing Body G Day and Night G
At the Science Center H The Four Seasons H
See, Hear, Touch, Taste, Smell H Fur, Feathers, Scales, Skin H
Life Along the Food Chain I Starfish I
We Are Special C At the Supermarket C
My Toys D Places C
Transportation Over the Years D Feelings D
Firefighters E People Everywhere D
Long Ago E Sharing News E
A New Bike E Washing Our Dog E
Houses Around the World F Great Grandma and I F
Sharing Time F Trains F
Take a Look G Rock Climbing G
Taking a Trip H Caring for Lady Liberty H
What Do Historians Do? H Fences and Walls H
Meet the Astronauts I Why People Move I
Math Sides and Corners C Count by Twos D
Equal Parts D Coins E
Weight F Bar Graphs F
Everything In Order! G Good Questions G
Fiction Flying and Floating C Rain C
What’s for Dinner? C Zak Is Lost C
Hiccups D Ron Makes a Friend D
Mad Matt D The Scarecrow D
Making Lunch D Three Little Pigs D
Grandma’s Glasses E The Cat and the Mouse E
The Little Monkey E Matterville E
The Rabbit and the Turtle E Snake’s Dinner E
Brutus Learns to Fetch F Family Picnic F
Sebastian F Goldilocks and the Three Bears F
Who’s That Knocking at My Door? F Sick in Bed F
Worm Rap F Two Snakes F
The Hat Maker’s Helper G Don’t Worry! G
Message on a Rocket G Going the Right Way G
The Picnic G Sebastian Gets the Hiccups G
The School Bus Ride G Where’s Terri? G
A Builder’s Dream H The Elves and the Shoemaker H
The Grizzlegrots H Let’s Eat! H
The Dragon I The Costume Parade I
Max’s Mystery Box I The Incredible Something I

GRL: Guided Reading Level

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Sundance/Newbridge Grade 1 Collections
Quantity Order Code Configuration Price
WA-33418 Set A Collection: 50 Books (1 each of 50 titles); FREE Storage/Display Box $272.00
WA-33419 Set B Collection: 50 Books (1 each of 50 titles); FREE Storage/Display Box $272.00
WA-36314 Set C Collection: 50 Books (1 each of 50 titles); FREE Storage/Display Box $272.00

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